1 Feb 2019

Properties and Shapes of Steel Members

Structural Steel

Mechanical properties of steel 

Material standard for structural steel usually follow American Society for Testing and Materials ( ASTM ) standards.
  1. The ASTM specification A6 generally requirement of structural steel.
  2. The ASTM specification A370 provides steel testing procedures.
  3. The ASTM A36 is called mild steel (low carbon steel).

Shapes of Steel Members

Various types of steel shapes for Tension members, Compression members and Flexural members are discussed below:

1) Steel Shapes for Tension Members 

  • Round
  • Rectangular
  • W-Section
  • Single Angle
  • Double Angle
  • T-Section
  • Built-up Section

2) Steel Shapes for Compression Members

  • T-Section
  • W-Section
  • S-shape
  • Double Angle
  • Tube-Section
  • Built-up Section

3) Steel Shapes for Flexural Members

  • W-Section 
  • Double Angle Section
  • Channel Section
  • Built-up Section
  • Composite Steel-Concrete Section
Shapes of Structural Steel

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